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Online wellbeing programs for SME's and corporations

Caring for your employees mental and physical well being has probably never been as important as it is now. With increasing patterns of home and remote working, we have designed a flexible online series of packages to match any size of workforce, in any location and to suit any budget. We have been running a version of this offering since March 2020 and are now adept at presenting engaging, well run and very well received events to an audience of any size. Please feel free to check out our live platform and to try out some of our events on *

At Ziesa, our whole ethos is based around caring for both the body, the lifestyle and the mind as we believe passionately that all 3 elements are tightly interlinked. Therefore we have built up over the years, a team of top level experts in every field. This team is well placed to cater to your peoples needs, whatever they may be.

*Note – this is a live system and each week’s classes are published every Sunday, a visit early in the week will show the greatest choice.

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Open a business account with our partners at
The Personal Fitness Company

From £4 per class

FREE TRIAL available - see below

Suitable For

Small/medium workforces of 10-150.

Businesses unsure of the direction they wish to take but wanting support for their people quickly.

Businesses looking to trial a well being program without large up front investment to measure take up by and value to their people.

The Personal Fitness Company offer online fitness and wellbeing classes throughout each and every week. 

Open a business account and on application you will receive your unique code to The Personal Fitness Company Website giving your people access to a weekly schedule of classes from hard core Hiit, to different levels of Yoga, from Latin American dance to mindfulness classes with our clinical psychologist.

Your people will be able to join the classes they want and need, using your unique company code, at times and on days to suit their lifestyle. With a new schedule coming out every Sunday, you can choose for them to receive a general Personal Fitness Company weekly email with ‘quick book’ each Sunday, or an email specific to them from yourselves encouraging engagement and participation.

Costs :-
Classes – from £4 each. Per user.
Maintenance and dispatch of specific weekly email (if chosen) – from £40 per week

More detail

Setting up an account is free, fast and simple. Use the button below to take you to The Personal Fitness Company Business Account page. Or take a free trial.

Custom / Branded​

A private, fitness and wellbeing class website

From £265 per week

Plus setup fee

Suitable For

Any size of workforce

Businesses wanting a branded, bespoke online platform, private to their own people and with the choice of class content, times, days and schedule.

This offering will give you a branded platform, privacy locked for the people you choose to subscribe to it. You select the classes, sessions and schedule that your people ask for or that best suit your employee feedback.

You will find a suggested list of classes and sessions in the ‘class menu’ section below. A weekly email with a ‘quick book’ link can be themed and focused and written by either ourselves or your in house platform administrator.

Class Menu

Cardio and Strength Classes – 30 min classes
First steps – getting back to exercise
Kettlebells and resistance
Pure Resistance
Box Hiit
Strengthening a weak back and knees

Yoga and Pilates – 45 min classes
Power Yoga
Beginners Yoga
Yoga relax and de-stress
Sound Bath
Yin Yiga
Pilates stretch

Mindfulness – 45 min sessions
Practical mindfulness techniques
Mindful eating
Managing stress with mindfulness
Coping strategies
Mindfulness for sleep

Family classes – 30 or 45 min classes
Latin American couples dance
Street dance for kids
Family Yoga
Kids Yoga

Lifestyle – 45 min sessions
Healthy eating for weight loss
Healthy eating for energy
Planning your day for you

Setup bespoke platform – £400
Setup user accounts – from £50
Class schedule – from £40 per week
Support – £100 per month

Fitness and Yoga – £50 per 30 minutes class
Fitness and Yoga – £65 per 45 minutes class
Mindfulness – £80 per 45-minute session

More detail

Talk to us about what you need and we can send a quote to suit your budget.


Add one to one support, keynote online events and unique access to our specialists

Price on Application

Suitable For

Businesses of any size wanting to add further offerings onto their platform.

Businesses identifying vulnerable individuals in need of one to one support.

Businesses looking to address common themes through large scale addresses.

In addition to the level two platform offering, this program will allow businesses to create a bespoke well being solution to their peoples mental, lifestyle and physical needs.

Using the same simple and easy to use ‘shop front’ we can include one to one access to our psychologists, our sleep specialists, our nutritionists, fitness experts, and our business and personal coaches.

We can also host ‘keynote’ online events to facilitate large scale presentations around key issues. If you identify a need for skills training around new working practises and new job roles and responsibilities, we can provide interactive seminars and training courses to support your people at every level. Please contact us to discuss your training requirements and see the topics available for our ‘keynote’ events.

More detail

Talk to our specialists and create a program to suit your particular requirements and budget.

Meet the Online Team

Cathy Mansell

Fully Qualified Personal Trainer and Ziesa Partner

Cathy is a fully qualified personal trainer and licensed Kettlercise specialist, running The Personal Fitness Company in Leicester, and Ziesa Ltd, a corporate wellbeing company. With over 10 years experience of seeing the results of good fitness and lifestyle upon both individuals and businesses, Cathy is passionate about the importance of prioritising your mental and physical fitness and wellbeing, to enjoy the very best quality of life possible.

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Dr Robyn Cooley BSc. MSc. DClinPsy. CPsychol

Clinical Psychologist and Chartered Psychologist

Robyn is an HCPC certified Clinical Psychologist and Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society.  Her expertise is in the delivery of therapy to various client groups through the integration of numerous models, including specialist training in EMDR. She has over 10 years of experience working with various mental health, neurodevelopmental and organic presentations across the age span in both community and acute services. Alongside her 1-to-1 therapy work, Robyn also works systemically, offering supervision, reflective practise groups and consultation sessions with a range of staff groups. She is passionate about using her skills beyond clinical populations, applying her understanding of the human mind to those working in corporate settings, particularly in supporting people to manage work-related stress and difficult team dynamics.

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Dr Sam Cooley BSc. PhD CPsychol

Chartered Psychologist

Sam is a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society.  His area of expertise is in the development of social and emotional skills, in particular the ability to self-regulate behaviour in the pursuit of personal and professional goals.  His work in psychology includes research, lecturing and teaching at the Universities of Birmingham and Leicester, as well as business consultancy and corporate training. As part of his additional professional training in clinical psychology, Sam also holds a clinical post in the NHS offering therapeutic interventions to people with mental health difficulties.

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Ginny Kemp

Sleep Specialist

I have been a Registered Medical Herbalist for 13 years helping people to restore balance to their lives and address their own specific health concerns. I work with all ages and with many different health conditions, using bespoke herbal medicines, diet and lifestyle to improve well-being. The highlight of my job is seeing the benefit of simple ‘habit tweaks’ along with herbal and nutritional support on quality of life.

Covid-19 has brought change upon many of us and change is so often accompanied with stress, anxiety- and affected sleep which only serves to compound the problem.  In having to entirely change my way of working to be largely remote, I too have reached for my sleep herbs and altered my habits to help me fall sleep more quickly, or to calm that 3 am mind-buzz. A good night’s sleep is not only important for mental well being but also has further-reaching effects on your cardiovascular system, blood sugar regulation and your immune system! So tune in to find out how you can help prepare yourself for a better night’s sleep.

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Kate Skinner

REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer

Kate qualified as a REPS Level 3 personal trainer with Premier Global in 2017 after a 10-year career as a Professional Dancer. Alongside personal training, she teaches and is qualified in Pilates, TRX, Circuit and Kettlebell Training and Dance and Performing Arts. Kate regularly holds educational Dance workshops in Primary and Secondary schools throughout the UK along with teaching at various dance schools around the midlands. She also recently began Optimal Performance Training (OPT) with Premier Global, a mental toughness course to broaden her knowledge in client performance and mental health especially during these unprecedented times.

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Martin Norton

Systems, UI, UX and Ziesa Partner

Martin is a web designer, systems developer and trainer with over 20 years of experience creating and supporting web applications. Martin leads the online provision of services for Ziesa.

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Mary Sisson

Leadership Development Coach and Trainer

An experienced and highly qualified leadership development coach and trainer, Mary has over 25 years’ experience working with a wide variety of size and sector clients across Europe.

A passion for developing sustainable, great leadership practices, Mary integrates a wellbeing focus within her design of leadership solutions, specifically around the subject areas of mindfulness, resilience and burnout. Mary was involved in the latest research project completed by Ashridge Business School, examining the positive impact mindfulness can have on leadership effectiveness.

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Nikki Hooper

I’m Nikki and I am a registered nutritionist who helps people who are generally in their 40s and 50s feel alive, thrive in the workplace and look and feel better than they ever have before.

My pathway to this career is perhaps not a typical route. I led a very carefree and fun life in an exciting corporate role through my 20s and 30s but I was working long hours, eating and drinking a little too much and not taking care of myself. This lifestyle was not sustainable and in my 40s, I hit the wall, suffered a serious illness and had to take some time off work.

When I returned to my job, I had very little energy and felt emotionally and physically drained, in a body that ached and creaked. This was the catalyst that sparked my interest in the power of nutrition in health and disease. How had I reached this age, knowing more about how my car worked than my body? And yet what I put into my body controls all its functions, right? Just madness!

Seeking the help of a nutritionist, I started to turn my life around. My energy and joie de vivre returned. I was so impressed with the results that I decided to quit my job and retrain as a nutritionist myself. I didn’t want anyone to feel the same as I had. I didn’t want them to struggle with their identity and feel that they had lost their way in the workplace and in their personal lives.

You may be experiencing some of what I was feeling right now. We have all been through turbulent times and a lot of upheaval and uncertainty over the last 8 months. You may not be feeling on top form. If some of this resonates with you, I would love you to join me at my workshop where I can show you the path towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. And remember that healthy eating isn’t about following a gruelling diet and punishing yourself. In contrast, it means caring for yourself, both body and mind with nutritious food that leaves you energised and raring to go.

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Rachel McDonald

Advanced Yoga Teacher and Trainer

Rachel has a passion for teaching and Yoga. Sharing her knowledge and the benefits of Yoga with her students, Rachel teaches a blend of traditional styles incorporating Pranayama (breath work) Asana (physical) and relaxation.

She is an advanced Yoga teacher, YMCA/Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Assessor and Yoga Teacher Trainer for both Adult and Children’s Yoga. Rachel is also an Aqua Yoga and Ball Yoga teacher.

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Keynote Events

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What people say about us...

Please note, many of these testimonials are from pre-covid programs we have run

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Ian Kenny

The Fit2Lead programme without a doubt was the best learning and development course I’ve attended in my career. I’ll use the learnings in both my personal and professional life, something unique compared to other training programmes. The quality and passion of all of the presenters and content leaders shone through and really did provoke some life-changing actions. This coupled with the spirit and interest shown from colleagues attending really has made Fit2Lead something I would not hesitate to recommend to others.

Ian Kenny
Marketing Director, Graham The Plumbers’ Merchant
Grant Edwards

As I’ve said to so many people now, the best internal learning and development course I have been on in 23 years in Saint-Gobain.
The alterations to my own lifestyle are sustainable because they’ve been smart – not drastic, and that’s what is so good about this training and those are the key elements I can share and continue to embed into my team over time.

Grant Edwards
Regional Director, Jewson Ltd.
Gill Perry Assoc CIPD

Just wanted to thank you again for your support with our Wellbeing Week last week. All of your team were fantastic and the massages, in particular, went down a storm! The presentations and activities created a real buzz in the office and everything ran like clockwork. We’re currently gathering official feedback from the teams but I’ve already had a lot of people thank me personally and tell me how much they enjoyed it and how valued it made them feel which is absolutely amazing! Hopefully, we’ll do it again soon.

Gill Perry Assoc CIPD
Head of Learning & Development, Sodexo
Paul Frankish

Having you on my shoulder as my conscience has spurred me on and seeing the benefits of your advice has made me something of a disciple!

The big news is my brother (45) had a heart attack the weekend before last. He has a procedure planned for the morning to establish the extent and possible courses of action! He was asking me what had helped me make a difference to my weight/fitness and I said “you”

Paul Frankish
Saint-Gobain Glass
Philip Pointon

I spoke to lots of staff who did attend and the feedback is great a real eye-opener and hopefully, the kickstart that some of us need. Also had a chance to look at some of the photos (looks like Lokesh didn’t waste any opportunity to take a photo) which looks like everyone had fun.

Philip Pointon
EHS & Quality Manager, Saint-Gobain Building Distribution, UK and Ireland
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