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Ziesa provides wellness programs for corporate and business wellbeing

Do you recognise, as we do, that your people are your most valuable asset and that their well-being helps to build a business successfully?

Companies with a working well-being strategy can improve employee engagement, increase productivity and boost recruitment and retention. How engaged, valued and fit for work people feel has a direct impact on both the culture of the business, and the output of the business, both commercially and creatively.

“Physical activity programmes at work result in a 20% reduction in absence, and yet only 8% of UK organisations have a standalone wellbeing strategy”
CIPD 2017

The UK today

Over 23.8 million working days are lost each year due to stress and anxiety

Over 17.6 million working days a year lost to musculoskeletal injuries

Obesity alone accounts for 6 days absence per UK worker per year

Only 40% of UK employees are working at peak performance

What we can do

Ziesa provides a flexible platform of services and expertise to help you care for your people, wherever they are, how many or how few there are, and whatever their needs.

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What people say about us...

Just wanted to thank you again for your support with our Wellbeing Week last week. All of your team were fantastic and the massages, in particular, went down a storm! The presentations and activities created a real buzz in the office and everything ran like clockwork. We’re currently gathering official feedback from the teams but I’ve already had a lot of people thank me personally and tell me how much they enjoyed it and how valued it made them feel which is absolutely amazing! Hopefully, we’ll do it again soon.

Gill Perry Assoc CIPD
Head of Learning & Development, Sodexo

Having you on my shoulder as my conscience has spurred me on and seeing the benefits of your advice has made me something of a disciple!

The big news is my brother (45) had a heart attack the weekend before last. He has a procedure planned for the morning to establish the extent and possible courses of action! He was asking me what had helped me make a difference to my weight/fitness and I said “you”

Paul Frankish
Saint-Gobain Glass

I spoke to lots of staff who did attend and the feedback is great a real eye-opener and hopefully, the kickstart that some of us need. Also had a chance to look at some of the photos (looks like Lokesh didn’t waste any opportunity to take a photo) which looks like everyone had fun.

Philip Pointon
EHS & Quality Manager, Saint-Gobain Building Distribution, UK and Ireland

“Excellent course - I found it so useful and interesting”
“Brilliant - insightful and useful!”
“Great session! Really enjoyed it!”
“Really enjoyed the session - should be offered to all staff members not just senior managers/leaders. Mindfulness and wellbeing training should be accessible for all.”
“Loved the topics of this session, really relevant. Loved the delivery too! A real reality check - eye-opener !”
“Really interesting and fun session - great and knowledgeable trainer”

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