Pasquill Gym

In October 2018 Ziesa supported Pasquill on their annual EHS day with the opening of their new on-site gym in Chorley. Health and fitness tests were conducted throughout the day, as well as running several demo PT sessions in their new gym to demonstrate what they could do with the

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Fit 2 Lead Saint Gobain

Fit 2 Lead in Saint-Gobain

This is a great example of a much-recognised programme that began in 2016, as a collaboration between Saint-Gobain and Awbery Management Centre. Ziesa provides for this programme the expertise around fitness and exercise and the power of these elements for life, work, body and mind. The programme continues to run

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Ziesa and Awbery – Fit to Lead

Ziesa is delighted to work in partnership with Awberry Management Centre, where the expertise in Leadership and Management skills training and coaching combines with our expertise in health and wellbeing to provide a strong collaboration. As the original creator of the Fit to Lead concept,

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Sodexo Engage Wellbeing at Work Week

If you compare to even just 10 years ago, I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s a huge difference to our working lives. And there are even more changes on the horizon… Health and wellbeing is a hot topic in today’s world, and even more so in the modern-day workplace. Companies

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Practice what you preach

Since our fitness and wellbeing businesses began in 2010, I have done a great deal of research around the ageing process. It figures that if most of our private and corporate client bases are in their 40’s and upwards, and we live with the challenges of an ageing working population,

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