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Face to Face

Face to face

Normally we will start any process understanding your workplace, your facilities, the working patterns of your people and whether you want us to work in house, or off site. 

Do you have an in-house gym, or boardroom facilities  or simply office space? We can then work with you to find and agree the main priorities for your programme and for your workplace, often consulting with your managers and staff to understand what they feel is important to them across the many subjects and topics that mental and physical wellbeing covers. We then have a full range of experts in every field, qualified to help understand, engage, inform and coach your people in whatever forum works best for you. 

The face to face element of any programme creates that initial contact and buy in, intention and commitment. 

Face to face sessions can happen regularly or at key points during a longer programme. Take a look at some of wide variety of events that we have already implemented in our case studies.

Ziesa online

Ziesa – online

Ziesa online is our unique well-being platform that can be tailored to your business and needs. 

It is completely flexible, it can be used for any sized workforce, any sized budget, any topic or focus, and in any country and can be available at any time of the day or night. 

If you want ziesa to provide information, online support and advice around mental health – it can be done. If you want ziesa to form part of a blended learning platform to improve the skills of your managers to lead their people more effectively – it can be done.  

The platform works well as a  ‘go to’, simply available when your people may need it, or as a prompt for people making changes in their lives to continue their journey. 

Our online PT facility on Ziesa is one of the highest rated and most valued aspects of our blended programmes, as delegates enjoy the experience of having the same individual they can talk to online for support, advice and information. 

“Physical activity programmes at work result in a 20% reduction in absence, and yet only 8% of UK organisations have a standalone wellbeing strategy.”
CIPD 2017

Talk to us and find out if we can help you in any way at all, big or small.

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