Ziesa and Sisson Associates – Fit to Lead

Ziesa and Sisson Associates, Fit to Lead

Ziesa is delighted to work in partnership with Sisson Associates, where the expertise in Leadership and Management skills training and coaching combines with our expertise in health and wellbeing to provide a strong collaboration.

As the original creator of the Fit to Lead concept, we work closely with Mary to tailor make wellbeing and leadership programmes which fit a particular business or company.

Mary is also a speaker at our own bespoke events for clients, bringing her wealth of experience to enhance our own programmes.

Mary Sisson Awbery Management Fit to Lead

MARY SISSON: Programme Director, Fit to Lead

Mary is passionate about wellbeing, recognizing the critical link between leadership results and healthy minds and bodies. With grounded expertise, including participating in the research conducted by Ashridge Business School into the link between mindfulness and effective leadership, Mary can help to shape an organizations leadership thinking.

An enthusiastic presenter, Mary brings to life the subject, ensuring an interactive, lively debate which will add a richness to the content of the presentation she is delivering.

With a twenty five year long background in the field of leadership, Organisation development and coaching, Mary has also been part of the team leading a pioneering research project into the subject of Corporate Burnout, which was the catalyst for the Fit to Lead programme.

Mary is the Programme Director for Fit to Lead and is working with a number of Pan-European clients, co-creating their strategy for wellbeing and leadership development.

Mary has spoken at a number of National and International events on the subject of Fit to Lead, Corporate Burnout and Creating Coaching Cultures.

Making the subject relevant to each individual through a highly personal and engaging delivery style, Mary can bring the stories into her delivery, ensuring each individual can contextualize the subject of wellbeing, leadership and resilience.

Fit to Lead with Cathy Mansell and Mary Sissons

This particular Fit to Lead programme that we are able to make available to businesses around the UK and Europe, is outlined below.

Fit to Lead – developing your leadership capabilities through creating a culture of wellbeing

The sphere of influence that leaders have on the culture of an organisation is powerful and requires focused development to ensure a business stays ahead of the competition. Fit to Lead is an innovative programme targeted at business leaders and integrates the key principles of leadership, resilience and wellbeing.

The programme is tailored to each individual business and will cover three key areas:


Resilience, stress management and mindfulness


Creating and sustaining healthy habits, enhancing personal performance as a leader, nutrition and its impact on performance


Leading change, influencing the culture of wellbeing from the front, tapping into our emotional intelligence, creating drive and energy

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