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For organisations who have either not yet launched a well-being programme or want to highlight specific areas of their peoples well-being 

& Fitness

We have experts in every field

We have experts in every field

Providing the ability to cover the topics important to your people

Our experts can run

1-8 hour presentations, workshops or consultations

Either at company-wide conferences or bespoke events.


Highlight your intention to build on your well-being programme

These programmes can allow you to gauge reaction and response and seek views on what people want. And they help you to engage key influencers in the business who will become your role models and early adopters.

Our experts cover (among other topics)

Mental health – awareness and understanding
Mental health techniques
Recognising, preventing and dealing with stress, anxiety and depression
Reducing stress in the workplace
Mindfulness and relaxation techniques
The impact of lifestyle on your quality of life – fitness, nutrition, hydration, alcohol and sleep.
The ageing process and knowing your numbers
The practise and benefits of Yoga, stretch, and good posture
Learning to dance – learning to smile : the power of fun
Understanding sleep and how to get enough
Creating more time – prioritisation skills, effective delegation, good time management, empowering your people.
Technology – working for you not against you.
The menopause – understanding and management
Supplements, techniques and approaches for managing stress, heart health and poor sleep.
The science behind why achieving goals is so hard – making things happen.
Preventing, managing and resolving musculoskeletal pain and injury.
Sports massage, relaxation massage, physiotherapy, beauty.
Improving your fitness – body and mind
Good nutrition for energy, weight management, and conditions like diabetes, food intolerances and cholesterol.
Building physical and mental resilience

“Employers who recognise the importance of improving wellbeing at the workplace are most likely to gain competitive advantage”
Ben Leedle, Healthways

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